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Fabiola active singer-songwriter since 2009, author, teacher of

modern song.

Luxuria: "For the first time I understood the true meaning of The Winter Sea"

Piero Calabrese: "Anna will always remain an heirloom to be proud of"

Gianmarco Regaldi: “in Anna she was able to become an intense interpreter of a piece for nothing


“Fabiola has a very rich musical career behind her back, she begins to

writing songs from the age of 13 driven by his irrepressible passion for

music up to 2009 to record his first single E Non Sai and in

2012 his second with the song Cuore Mio.

The singer-songwriter with many years behind her in the study of singing, classical instruments,

modern, and competitions without ever making any distinction between the small bar in the country

and the largest squares in Italy has performed in numerous live shows during which it was done

call Fabiola Rock. On the occasion of his artistic maturity and the release of

Anna preferred to shorten the name and remain just Fabiola.

In 2012 he met Maria Totaro, president of MMLine Production, where

participates in numerous masters and studies songwriting courses with Piero Calabrese

and vocal technique with Fulvio Tommaino "

(taken from All music Italia)

The last years

From 2012 to 2016 I was chosen among the 20 authors and songwriters followed by the well-known producer

Piero Calabrese who died in April 2016 (M. Mengoni, Giorgia, Baroni and Zero

Absolute) for his emerging project "Song Lab Italy" founded by the same with Maria Totaro,

record producer, with Maestro Piero I have collected several co-productions and a single

"Anna in the clouds" which has met with great success among professionals and a good following between


At the same time as composing studies, in the same years I perfected the technique and

vocal education with the Vocal Coach Fulvio Tommaino to be able to teach singing with

current perspectives.

From March 2013 to April 2017 I obtained n. 7 certificates of music production and vocal style ai

Recording Masters organized by M&M Line with Fausto Donato A&R Universal Music Italia;

Umberto Labozzetta teacher at UniCatt-Music-PR-Radio-Events-Promotion of Artists. Rory Di

Benedetto, multi-plane author; Maurizio Caridi president of the symphony orchestra in the Sanremo area;

Antonio Vanoni artistic director of radio Italy; Umberto la Bozzetta consultant promoter

record; Gianni Testa vocal coach and artistic producer; Fulvio Tomaino vocal coach e

president of the international circuit of the La Voce Academy; Carlo Elli Speaker RTL.

In December 2015 I played for Gianna Nannini on the occasion of the presentation to the press

of the HitStory Tour 2016.

In 2016 author of A Million Times for Tobia Lanaro (back from "I leave you a song" 2015)

In 2019/2021 Masterclass with ROBERTO ROSSI (A&R Director Sony Music Italy)


From 2004 to 2008 director of the children's choir at the Cathedral of Camposampiero.

In 2010, after completing her studies at the Accademia Filarmonica Veneta, the director Carla Vazzola suggests that I work in the same as a teacher of modern singing.

Since 2012 individual lessons in private practice.

From 2020 Vocal Coach at Hoop Music record company in Milan, artistic director of Red Canzian.

Modern singing teacher and preparer for the ROCK & POP exams of Trinity London College at CantArte Music Academy, Director Alessandra Mella.

Modern singing teacher at the S. Cecilia Music School, Director Mauro Duranti.


Fabiola Rock - AND YOU DON'T KNOW

Debut single (studio)

Released July 2009

Label: Ghiro Records / Klasse1

Fabiola Rock - MY HEART

2nd single (studio)

Released October 2012

Label: Ghiro Records

Fabiola - Anna in the clouds

3rd single study

Released August 2015

Label: Biplane

Videos on the web (author and composer)

Fabiola Rock - TELL ME WHAT YOU DO

Video released 01/2010 (YouTube)



Video released 07/2016 (Facebook)

8/2016 (YouTube)



Video released 09/2016 (Facebook)

Interpreter Tobia Lanaro


Castrocaro 2008 semifinal

Cantagiro 2008 final

2009 and 2010 opening of the Festivalshow tour.

Padova Pride Village 2012 1st place

My heart 1st in the ranking on

"TOP 100 Italian Songs Of The Week", "TOP 100 Italian Official Music Videos Of The

Week "," Top Italian Song Lyrics and Music Videos of 2012 ".

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